Myfamli is a unique experience where you and all of your relatives can join a free, private network to build a current, living family tree. Myfamli allows you to easily invite relatives from all over the world, so that you can connect, communicate and share life’s most important happenings.

You can easily invite immediate family, and distant relatives to join you in a single family online experience to communicate in real-time, learn much more about each other, and exchange and share ideas, stories and legacy. In addition, as you invite family members, they in turn can build their family tree.

Each of you will gain access to the other’s tree, so that all family has access to a growing family organization. At the same time, you have complete control over which family members you accept and which ones you choose to leave out of your family tree.




Connecting with family and relatives can be time-consuming, disruptive, and difficult. In addition, it is hard to find a single place or system to use where you can connect with relatives all over the world easily and quickly. Myfamli provides a single place which enables family connection like never before.

Whether sharing stories, learning more about each other, discovering relatives that you may not know, or simply keeping up to date with all of your family, Myfamli provides an ideal 24/7 anytime, anywhere, global system whether you are at your computer or on the go using our mobile app.





With all of your relatives available to you anytime, anywhere on one screen, Myfamli provides unprecedented access to dozens or even hundreds of relatives worldwide. Get to know second cousins for the first time, or stay in touch with grandma or grandpa more easily than ever before.

Publish your children’s events and successes to the entire family at once, or send images and videos to individuals or groups within the family.  Myfamli allows you to customize your family relationships however you would like.

Myfamli enables real-time communication as well as asynchronous messaging, and you can post family news for any and all to see. Messaging and communication is customizable using Myfamli so that you can choose which family members and relatives with which to share your updates and events.



Store and Share

Myfamli provides ample free storage so that you can keep all of your videos, images and files updated in one place for all, or select family members to see.

The entire family history can be stored in Myfamli information system that enables you to keep all of your files, images and videos organized so that other family members can view to see the latest. This way you can invite family and relatives to share in your family story, profile, legacies and more.



Schedule (coming soon)


Using the Myfamli calendar, it’s easy to keep up on any and all events. Birthdays and anniversaries automatically appear for the entire family allowing you to send well wishes without having to remember or discover each and every family member’s birthday or anniversary.

Myfamli calendar also enables you to schedule events, and invite both family and friends. Family reunions, your children’s dance or music recitals, holiday get-togethers, and Little League baseball games are all easy to schedule and publish to the entire family using the Myfamli calendar for the entire family to see.




The Myfamli legacy app allows you to build & store the most important family memories and stories for generations to view. The Myfamli legacy app allows you to use images, videos and content to quickly and easily create your story and legacy.

Finally those stories about grandma and grandpa can be kept in one place, available 24/7, for all relatives, to preserve their legacies. Begin your own family legacy so that your children and grandchildren can learn more about you are, and what you did. Preserve and share Grandma’s best recipes for any and all.

The Myfamli legacy app provides an easy way to automatically build your life story so that even your great, great grandchildren can look back to see the major events, milestones and happenings of your life.


Connect with your family with myfamli

myfamli helps you discover new family connections, all over the world!

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