• grass_small_img What is MyFamli?

    MyFamli is a private and free online community where your family and relatives can join, communicate, share and create a family legacy. Additionally you can store files, images and video for you and all of your family to access. All of your stories and legacy will be preserved so that future generations will know about you and your family.

  • grass_small_img So why is Myfamli unique?

    MyFamli represents the first time in history where you can privately, and for free, have all family members and relatives connect in one online place with advanced apps and functionality to interact, connect and share. Imagine what you could do and how your life could improve if you were able to easily connect, share and learn about all of your living relatives nationally and across the globe. This unprecedented access to family will lead to behaviors and sharing that none of us yet fully understand. All we know is that my family is an exciting system, bringing families closer together to help one another through all of the generations.

  • grass_small_img Is there a fee to join MyFamli?

    No. MyFamli is committed to remain free for all. We will occasionally offer products and subscriptions or additional premium services but the majority of the functionality is free for everyone worldwide.

  • grass_small_img How can I invite my relatives to join?

    Inviting relatives is simple. All you have to do is use the myfamli system to send an email or invite them via Facebook. Once they respond and opt in, they will appear in your family tree, and across the entire system. Then you are free to communicate with them and share any and all information.

  • grass_small_img How does MyFamli differ from other social media?

    MyFamli is private, and only for family and relatives to share and connect. As a result, MyFamli allows users to share confidential information without worry of it ending up where anyone in the world can view it. Additionally, myfamli provides a living family tree so visually, you can see, connect and share with family members or relatives across the world. Lastly, myfamli is a family legacy storage system. Future generations will have access to ancestors and all of the information about each and every relative, all in a single system.

  • grass_small_img Is there a limit on how many family members can join?

    No. All family members and relatives are encouraged join. We expect some families to be in the hundreds or maybe larger. Invite as many relatives as possible since access to your extended family in one site will open up a world of possibilities for family interaction.

  • grass_small_img Can in-laws join MyFamli?

    Yes. In-laws are welcome to join MyFamli.

  • grass_small_img Can same-sex partners join MyFamli?

    Yes. MyFamli is all about life, love and legacy and open to all who you consider family. Any and all family members as defined by the user can join and utilize the system.

  • grass_small_img What about children?

    Children provide some of the happiest and most loving moments in any family. You can create a profile in the family tree for your child and manage your child’s story for all of the relatives to see. Include all of the images and videos, as well as content as your child grows and learns. Later when your child is of age, you can transfer the profile them so they will be able to manage their own space in myfamli. All of the information you add to your child’s story will eventually be part of their own legacy.

  • grass_small_img What about deceased relatives?

    My family is focused on the living, and future generations. However, you are able to add deceased relatives to create a historical family tree in as part of your living family tree. You can create stories and legacy for deceased relatives so that their greatness may shine on for generations.

  • grass_small_img What about stepparents, or stepbrothers and sisters?

    Whomever you add to your family tree is your choice. We encourage you to build your tree as large as possible by adding as many relatives as you can including your stepbrothers, stepsisters, and stepparents.

  • grass_small_img Can I invite friends to myfamli?

    myfamli is built on family relationships so anyone you invite or add must be related to someone in your tree. Blood relatives, in-laws, step-family, ex or former family are all welcome. Partners (legal or not) may be added as long as they fit within our family tree structure (i.e. spouse). While this is your family tree to build, it is also shared with all other family and relatives. So anyone you add will be part of the single, large family tree. We do not monitor the system to check on whether or not someone is a family member or a relative. Many have a very close person in their lives who might be considered a relative. But realize, if you add a non-family member, they will be encouraged to add their family, so their entire family will be visible to everyone. Coming soon, we will allow our users to invite non-relatives to family events such as graduations, weddings and more. The MyFamli invite system will enable you to invite and track RSVPs for both family and nonfamily members in order to have the best experience at your event or party.

  • grass_small_img What types of things can I do if I join MyFamli?

    Build your family tree and access all family. Imagine how you would feel if you were able to easily access any and all of your relatives, globally from one system. Each of your relatives would have an image which you can click on and learn all about what they are doing as well as communicate with them. Additionally, anytime a relative or has an update, you would see it on the screen and be able to respond.

    My family also is a great way to store all of your family records including files, images and videos. Relatives can share their stories, and legacies with all generations. Imagine being able to access all of your grandfather stories and information just by clicking on his link. In addition you can build your own story easily in my family which will be there as years go by.

    My family also allows you to connect with family using all of our communication methods including but not limited to our Famojiis which are family emoji’s. These are special emoji’s that you can send it to all of the relatives to congratulate them, wish them well, or sympathize with them.

    On a serious note, my family also acts as a way that family can get together when there is an illness or an emergency. MyFamli is a very fast way to keep all relatives updated on anything and everything, including a relatives illness, or if someone is having another sort of problem.

    Coming soon, you will be able use the myFamli calendar to see all family birthdays, anniversaries and other special events automatically, all year long. Imagine being able to see your cousin or nieces birthday without having to remember. Any and all family events globally would appear on your calendar for your easy access and view.

  • grass_small_img What if I am not getting along with a relative?

    First of all, we are sorry to hear that. myfamli allows complete flexibility regarding your ability to remove a relative from your family tree. This will disable communications and sharing with that family member. However the family member will continue to be in the tree so your relatives can continue to communicate. Later, when you patch things up with that relative, it’s easy just to turn communications and access back on.

  • grass_small_img What else can I do with MyFamli in the future?

    With the unprecedented family access and communication offered by myfamli, the possibilities are endless. The team at myfamli is actively engaged in adding new functionality for our users. We are consistently working on new ways to share information, connect and create your stories and legacies. We will roll out new updates on a quarterly basis and make announcements so all users can benefit. Some of our coming soon editions: myfamli mobile apps, Android and Apple IOS, myfamli cloud storage system, myfamli Calendar and invite system, myfamli live chat, myfamli recipe index, myfamli health system and more.





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