Why It is Important to Create Your Life Story or Legacy

In today’s world, each person has a story to tell, if only they would take the time to think about their life’s journey.

Some individuals erroneously believe that they do not have anything of importance to share with their descendants i.e. they do not believe that they have an important legacy to leave behind.

However, what many do not understand is that you do not need to be famous, talented, or wealthy for you to leave a meaningful legacy for the people that will come after you.

Currently, some of the most enduring and inspirational legacies are from individuals outside newspaper headlines, and history books.

With each passing day, ordinary people are creating and passing down their historical and inspirational legacies to the people who will come after them; and so can you.

Take A Moment To Ask Yourself, One Hundred Years From Today, Will Anyone Have An Idea Of Who I was?

The knowledge that you acquire from your ancestors instills in you values that provide you with a sense of direction, and at the same time add meaning to life.

What Kind of Heritage Will You Provide for Your Heirs

Whether you have made this realization or not, but you have in a way benefited from the experiences, heritage, and achievements made by your ancestors, and their parents. Therefore do not think that the knowledge you have acquired, your accomplishments, life values, and the challenges you have been able to overcome cannot benefit your descendants.

It is vital to remember that a life that has not been documented will be lost to memory within a few generations. If you choose not to record your life, the memories you made in your life will largely get lost when you pass away. Today, you have an excellent opportunity to leave behind an enduring, and historical legacy to your descendants.

Right now, the entire world is in the palm of your hands—the heritage of your life could be determined by what you choose to do at this particular moment in time. Are you up for the challenge?

By choosing to chronicle your life, both in writing, and using pictures, your descendants will be in a position to know who you are—one hundred years from now. The heritage you leave behind may change their lives for the better, due to the faith promoting strength you have left them.

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