Effective Communication in a Family

In a family, communication does not merely refer to the verbal exchange of information between the members. However, it is an expression of concern, respect, and affection. When it comes to communication between family members, communication includes looks, physical expressions, as well as the use of gestures.

By communicating with each other, family members are able to express what they desire, love, or require from other members. The type of communication that occurs between family members is very different from the one that occurs in formal situations. Regardless of how you prefer to correspond, you should note that communication is the main bonding factor in any family.

The following practical tips can be used to make communication between members more effective.

Focus on Preference, Not the Principles

In family, it is the only place where flexible rules can be applied, and principles will always come second to the preferences. When you focus on preferences, it means that you put more importance on personal likes than you do to regulations.

For instance, it is not feasible to implement rules requiring all family members to be quiet after ten each night, as this may be the only time that certain people can communicate with the rest. There is, therefore, a need for flexibility when it comes to communication. When it comes to family, there is no right time, right place, or right way to communicate with your family.

Be Positive

Sarcastic and negative communication is likely to destroy the warmth that comes from the family engaging in talks. It is vital to ensure you do not over criticize, or approach everything from negative aspects. Some people cling to sarcasm when they are speaking with other family members. Clinging to sarcasm will destroy the warm moods that are present in family talks, and it could lead to some people withdrawing from family communications.

As much as you would like to be corrective, you need to make sure that you remain positive at all times. You will realize that positive communication is a better influence and, is more effective as compared to criticism.

Do Not Exaggerate

When expressing emotions or feelings to other family members, many people will choose to exaggerate. Even though exaggeration can be used as a way of easing mental tension between members, it could also destroy the harmony that is present in the family. Frequently exaggerating family talks could make some members of the family feel bored, and become distrustful to your words and actions.

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