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About myfamli

MyFamli is a new and exciting way for family members and relatives to easily connect, share their moments, and create personal legacies all in one site, for free.

Key Features



Invite your relatives, easily and quickly build your living family tree, then connect communicate and share.



Connect with family and relatives from home, mobile or office.



Communicate with your family & relatives 24/7.


Store and Share

privately and securely store your most treasured moments for family and relatives to see.



(Coming soon)
Create and schedule events, invite relatives, and enjoy!



Easily and automatically preserve your life’s story and Legacy for generations to come.

Connect with your family with myfamli

myfamli helps you discover new family connections, all over the world!


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • grass_small_imgWhat is MyFamli?

    MyFamli is a private and free online community where your family and relatives can join, communicate, share and create a family legacy. Additionally you can store files, images and video for you and all of your family to access. All of your stories and legacy will be preserved so that future generations will know about you and your family.

  • grass_small_imgSo why is Myfamli unique?

    MyFamli represents the first time in history where you can privately, and for free, have all family members and relatives connect in one online place with advanced apps and functionality to interact, connect and share. Imagine what you could do and how your life could improve if you were able to easily connect, share and learn about all of your living relatives nationally and across the globe. This unprecedented access to family will lead to behaviors and sharing that none of us yet fully understand. All we know is that my family is an exciting system, bringing families closer together to help one another through all of the generations.

  • grass_small_imgIs there a fee to join MyFamli?

    No. MyFamli is committed to remain free for all. We will occasionally offer products and subscriptions or additional premium services but the majority of the functionality is free for everyone worldwide.

Available for desktop and coming soon to mobile!

Myfamli lets you grow your family whenever and wherever you want.



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